Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece – EUROPE

Authentic Greek island …

Small island of 75 km2 of 2000 inhabitants, in the southwest of the Cyclades island of preferred 3rd Europe of travelers by the comparator Trivago Hotel, Sifnos is a Greek island for lovers of slow life and amateur authenticity. A den of ailments. The anti-Mykonos.
Exit roisterer and mass tourism …

When the ship arrived at the port of Sifnos, Kamares, I thought I was in an episode of Game of Trones. The effect of imposing high mountains surrounding the port and the village of Cycladic architecture gave me a sense of grandeur and scenery, as if I found a kingdom. Good. This is a very personal opinion, I admit.



♦ A welcoming island ♦

I love Sifnos for the atmosphere that arises from the simplicity of the kindness of these people who live mainly of tourism and agriculture. Greek Sifnos are warm, gracious and hospitable. Real Bears.
In both places I have been, it did not ask me for my papers. To rent a scooter helmet, one asked me anything either. I said I rendais the next day, no worries. The helmets could you leave them on the scooter in the street, not theft.
You can smoke in the restaurant but somehow it does not smell the cigarette.
The atmosphere is really relaxed and no headaches. I advise you to get lost in the alleys of Kastro and Apollonia to see the white houses and blue shutters and the square terraces. Early morning or late evening, as a matter of heat and atmosphere. Knowing that cute shops open from 18h to Apollonia and the nightlife takes place in the neighborhood « steno » ….

An ideal island for relaxation and walks in scooters. Yes, it is absolutely a scooter. You can always take the bus but the discovery is different and you’ll lose less time. School period, the bus accompanies all schoolchildren at the door of their home which increases the stops …


It has all of the great island atmosphere, kindness, multiple villages, beaches, pleasant life, many homes, playground for children, bus network, designer shops, nightlife, wine is cheap. It is very popular with couples, families and retirees.
The only problem: a lot of French. I felt the blow less disconnected than usual by the proximity of the French language I heard several times a day.
And I have not found the extraordinary beaches. Because I’m not very focused on the pebbles beaches.
But the atmosphere and beauty of the 2 major cities allow to forget and leave the island enchanted. I still have the memory of these beautiful bougainvillea whose petals scattered on the ground and naturally decorate the city. But these 250 chapels and churches that distinguish the island of Apollo …


♦ Informations ♦

► Who advisor ?
Nature lovers, families, couples. The atmosphere is "relax"...

► What to do ?
Hiking (90 km of trails to explore on Sifnos Trail), discovery of coves, Greek villages
authentic because few tourist, aperitifs in taverns, night life in Apollonia,
participate in a local festival, cultural manifestations (traditional dance and music evenings)
buy pottery (the island is known for its ceramics), taste honey Sifnos, olive oil,
cheese and milk yogurt Sheep, take cooking classes.

► What to see ?Kastro first, the beaches of Faros, Vathi Beach, Apollonia Monastery Chryssopighi,
Kamares, the port of Seralia Kastro (personally, I did not really like Platis Gialos. But without
doubt that the festive atmosphere of summer should be more worthwhile)

► Sunsets to Instagramers : The sunset over the port of Kamares but not only

► Money : € 3.50 3 ice balls, a € 14,90 ?? hat, cigarettes € 4 bus: 1,80 €.
As much as the clothes gave me envy, as I have not found terrible jewelry.
The glass of wine at the bar: 2,5 € in the trendy bars: € 4 and the bottle at the supermarket: € 4
Food : 15 euros on average a salad + glass of wine at the restaurant. I was at the Absinthe in Kamares
and Likamanlki which are highly rated on Tripadvisor but I have found nothing more and expensive. I
rather recommend the restaurant of the hotel Delfini Kamares and Café Drakaki Apollonia.
traditional and local atmosphere to it, frequented mostly by Greeks.
A taste rakomelo, hot drinks and delicious based raki.
► When to go ? Late April to mid-October.

► Safe : ok

Getting to Sifnos ?
Flying to Athens. Then take the bus or the subway to Piraeus.
Poubre you book your ticket on Direct Ferries but once booked, it is essential to remove the ticket of the harbor at the company booth. 2h30 crossing hydro (56 euros) and 5-6 pm ferry crossing (36 €). Rates are May.
The island of Milos has an airport and only 30 minutes by boat to Sifnos


Where to stay ?
Hotel Delfini in Kamares (room 100 euros)
Froudi in Kamares (room  45 euros)


The terrace of the Froudi chamber. Sea view included.

♦ Greetings from Sifnos … ♦


————————- Kastro——————————–

Kastro, the picturesque town and former capital of the island

My heart stroke in Sifnos

Kastro, Sifnos kastro-sifnos102 Kastro, Sifnos kastro-sifnos-25 kastro-sifnos-12


Dolci bar, Kastro, Sifnos

Dolci bar



———————– Kamares———————–

Beach & harbor

Kamares, Sifnos plage-kamares20 plage-kamares09 Delfini Hotel, Sifnos hotel-delfini-sifnos-31

Hotel Delfini

hotel-delfini-sifnos-23 Delfni hotel Sifnos hotel-delfini-sifnos-12




————————– Faros ——————————

Faros Beach

Faros, Sifnos


faros-sifnos-grece33 Faros, Sifnos

Faros, Sifnos


The capital where everything happens

Good to know : the weekend of August 15, day of the celebration of the virgin, the only day Apollonia « lost his cool »: the streets are so crowded you have trouble walking around. The Athenians are partying all night.




apollonia-sifnos-37 apollonia-sifnos-28 apollonia-sifnos-23

Apollonia, Sifnos

apollonia-sifnos-16 apollonia-sifnos-10 bar Botzi, Sifnos

Botzi bar



————————————– Artemonias ———————————————

artemonias-sifnos-01 artemonias-sifnos-02 artemonias-sifnos-03 artemonias-sifnos-04 artemonias-sifnos-05 artemonias-sifnos-06 Artemonias, Sifnos artemonias-sifnos-08


————— Plathys Gialos—————-


Platis Gialos, Sifnos platys-gialos-02 platys-gialos-03 platys-gialos-04