Playa d’en Bossa, Ibiza, Spain

The festive beach

Platja d’en Bossa (Playa d’en Bossa) is the quintessential festive beach, lined fifty beach bars 2.5 km. The most famous being the Bora Bora, often considered before the Space.

If you want peace, it is a challenge to find a corner without music even if it is less strong in different places. Unless you go early in the morning …
Go instead to Benirras
It is not just for the beauty of landscape disfigured by hoteliers 6-storey buildings on the coast.

Playa d’en Bossa is a nice sandy beach, the longest of the island with water with mild temperatures. It is located west of the city of Eivissa 4 km and 10 minutes from the airport. At their landing, the planes fly over a part of the resort and although the tradition is lost, you can still see revelers Bora Bora greet the planes passing over to say goodbye. Nearby, all amenities are close at hand: bars, restaurants, shops, distributor, petrol, supermarkets, hotels.

It is mostly frequented by young people or people who like to party, guys bodybuilder topless magnet show their efforts in sports club. The spirit is good and festive child and can lead to all kinds of eccentricity to the limit of vulgarity. It feels like a breath of freedom on the beach (on the island of Ibiza for that matter)
People, prices remain relatively affordable. (Nothing to do with the clientele of the Blue Marlin). Unless you take every day a chair and umbrella (about 15 euros).

t is also punctuated by various processions: when youth groups promoting a party organized by one of the great clubs of the island.
Sometimes they distribute bracelets for a coupon on an input or an extra free drink.

Personally, it’s a track that I love to watch the different looks, trends of the summer and see people start to shake and slowly venturing to Bora Bora or Morea to dance to 2



○ Informations ○

Platja d’en Bossa
07817 Baléares Espagne

The most trendy hotel is the Ushuaia Ibiza Beach Hotel. Festivals are organized regularly in the hotel around the pool.


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