Koh Tonsay, the island in the rabbit, Cambodia – ASIA

If you go to Kep …

The island rabbit, called « Rabbit Island » is not worth a day trip – or two if you spend the night – only if you make a stop in Kep.
The beach of the small town of Kep bordered by the road is no more. For a real disconnection and to feel more pleasure, Koh Thonsáy is as salutary small getaway.
If you are looking for rabbits, you may fall rather on other little beasties. Like scorpions

Koh Tonsay, rabbit island

The island itself is not extraordinary but quite authentic.
Your hotel or guesthouse in Kep can offer a package including the tuk-tuk + the return boat trip for the day (30 minutes by boat) for about $ 15.
You can stay on the island by reserving a bungalow – which is more like a hut – or find it on the spot.
They all seem sketchy.
Also, be aware that electricity is only provided from 19h to 22h. No internet either. #slowtravel

Koh Tonsay, Rabbit Island, Cambodia

There is no market or store, but the managers of the bungalows also own a restaurant. All these « amenities » are on the main beach where the boats are moored.
You can go around the island on foot in 2 hours but equip yourself shoes, not flip flops. Passages in the forest await you. After the beach, the result is « nature ». We meet roosters, villagers … but oh lot surprise of waste in the background.
16h, tourists come for the day leaving the island.
Not having spent the night, I imagine that the island has yet to be more peaceful …

If you go to Kep with the desire of a trend Robinson Crusoe island, without comfort or there is not much to do except read, swim, have a massage on a table on the beach , Go for it 🙂

For the dream island I rather recommend Koh Rong Samloem …





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