Pearl Island, Ngapali, Myanmar – ASIA

No interest…

Contrary to what the name may imply, Pearl Island is not a small pearl. But I wanted to speak on Island Touch to avoid this tourist trap you and show you some pictures to preview.
Hotels that offer this type of tour will take a good commission in the process. I loved my hotel, Hotel Rocks at but a little disappointed about this service. I had the impression to me to have.

Departure at 9:00 am from the Ngapali beach. But before we go by boat to the village of fishermen (arrival at 9.45), we look at 5 minutes near the sea and start again. It takes about 40 minutes to reach the island.
I thought to stay longer than the morning but after 1:30, my 2-conductor fishermen become pressing and say he must go. It’s bad start to discover the island and very over priced. $ 40 is around 52,800 kyat.

The island can present interest: a sandbank with pebbles and rocks, overgrown boats of tourists splashing in the water, do snorkeling, take one or more drinks at the bar. A restaurant prepares lobster. 3000 kyat fruit juice glass while on Ngapali beach, it costs 1000 kyat.

So, a scam.
If you care to go, so negotiate directly with a fisherman.



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