Bai Sao, Phu Quoc, Vietnam – ASIA

A white sandy beach on Phu Quoc, Vietnam tropical island not very known to tourists

Phu Quoc is an island situated between Vietnam and Cambodia. (Of closest Cambodia …)
It is reached by plane starting from Ho Chi Minh City. Journey time: 1 hour. Price from 50 to 100 euros round trip. But also by boat.
But for information, take a ticket on the spot can be cheaper than booking on the internet at home. I was part of a week in May which also returns to the low season.
On « main beach » Long Beach where all the resorts are located, the resort is not the prettiest and the water can be infested with jellyfish. So, renting a scooter, I discovered on the southern point of the island beach « Bai Sao, much more beautiful, about 45 minutes from the city Duong Dong. Few frequented because very far from the city, few constructions, most paradisiacal and calm. But easily accessible because the main road is paved.
That said, the place is not completely wild as some restaurants are present and a souvenir shop and swimwear.

To do : to admire the sunset, return to your left along the west coast along a red dirt road. Be very careful because not only is dusty but mostly we can expect potholes. Too fast is very nearly have an accident in wheelchair …


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