Must have for the summer : cream Piña Colada !

Evening ‘Sun and the City « with e-Parisiennes who presents the news of the summer


Nice touch that summer skincare range called « Piña Colada » by the brand Bernard Cassière. What could be more evocative than to spread the skin with oil « cocktailisée » on Piña Colada? How not imagine the summer with a piña hand at the water’s edge? Waiting to drink with glass 650 Kcal, you can still you coated. For hypochondriacs, rest assured, after information was removed from the composition rum. Personally, I did not really like the scent scrub but seduced by the oil.
And how did I discovered this wonder? At the e-Parisian evening which brought together all the Parisian blogger in an atmosphere 100% summer to test the best news of the summer: Alain Afflelou sunglasses, swimwear « Les baigneuses », beach accessories « Piment de mer« , beauty care Bernard Cassière and jewelry OCCO. All in a retro-enfatnine atmosphere on the edge of a fairy tale in art workshops Rrose Selavy in the 9th. I loved this place « regressive. »
Watch me some decoration …


♦ The art workshops Rrose Selavy ♦


Spirit « Alice in Wonderland » …






♦ Glasses Alain Afflelou ♦


The famous brand is launching a new solar collection « polarized » from 59 €. For all styles and all colors, there is something to have fun …
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♦ Care « Piña Colada » Bernard Cassière ♦


The brand launched a new range of moisturizing care with the evocative name « Piña Colada« . Admit that it makes you want to show off booze on the beach …
On Bernard Cassière


♦ The drink of summer : Finley♦

During the evening, I was refreshed with the new drink Coca-Cola that is not a variation of Coca: Finley. A range of three sparkling drinks with fruit (orange-cranberry, lemon, elderflower, grapefruit blood orange) and a low-calorie tonic. Frankly, it’s not bad, very refreshing and sweet.




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It was not part of the e-Parisian selection but how to talk about summer staple without hair accessories?
This is done with this small gift Blondie.

But then after fitting: I just lost 20 years of age ..





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