Thong Nai Pan, Thong Sala, Kho Phangan, Thailand – ASIA

A protected place, a little roots and festive … a little paradise

I spent almost two weeks on the island of Kho Phangan, specifically in Thong Nai Pan. Difficult to leave to visit Thailand soon as one arises in this corner of paradise. No mass tourism, but rather a place invested by the backpacker, couples in love and lonely. It moves it into 4 * 4 or motobike. No paved road in 2008.
They had advised me to do the full moon. Instead, I went to the half moon party that takes place in the jungle. A great moment.
The bars are a bit scattered on the roadside which is not without a certain charm.
I slept at Dolphin Bungalows. I loved these bungalows on the beachfront and both hidden by greenery. But you can not book, you have to get up.
I recommend to friends, people in backpacker mode that like to party. But also for couples


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How we go:
From Bangkok, take a flight to the island of Kho Samui. Take the ferry to Kho Samui to go to Thong Sala the capital of Kho Phangan Island. Then take a ATV taxi to get to the other side of the island in Thong Nai Pan.




Houses of spirits in the form of a temple of reproduction. Almost before each institution, public or private building, we find these mini-homes placed outside on a pillar near the door of houses. These houses are the manifestation of an animistic worship still very much alive in Thailand.
They house figurines representing protective spirits, guardians of the soil, fields, trees, houses, etc., responsible for keeping away evil spirits. The cult of offering flowers, incense and food engineering in the recognition of sign


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