Ang Thong, Thailand – ASIA

National Marine Park Ang Thong

Too good to be true?

For the record, Danny Boyle chose this park as the main setting for his movie The Beach.
The National Marine Park Ang Thong is located 40 km off the coast of Ko Samui island, off the west coast of southern Thailand. This archipelago, which includes forty small islands, combines the postcard clichés: dense vegetation, cliffs, lagoons and white sand beaches.
No resident will live here, fauna and flora are the kings. People come here for scuba diving, snorkeling. We climbed the hill adjacent to observe the 18 km² of islands.
We went in small motor boat to Thong Nai Pan. 2 hours away and sore prime sea.
We stayed 2 nights to live with rangers because the island is uninhabited.


♦ Praticals informations ♦

National Marine Park Ang Thong
Island of Ko Samui
At 40 km from the coast, reachable by boat.
Entrance 200 baht

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