Boracay, Visayas, Philippines – ASIA

Dream beaches and fiestas!

Boracay is a small island in the Visayas (10.32 km2), the Philippines, located about 300 kilometers south of Manila.
Small in size but big tourist destination, it has several large white sand beaches known for the most beautiful beings Asia. To preserve them, it is also forbidden to smoke the beach.
Needless to come and find tranquility: between mass tourism, daytime entertainment and beach bars that close at dawn …
The main beach (White Beach) is divided into 3 areas called « stations »:

  • Station 1: the area reserved for people more « affluent »
  • Station 2: The area of ​​shops and bars. In short, the place to eat and party
  • Station 3 : the place to find a cheap guesthouse


At Station 3, I actually stayed 5 nights at THE ORCHIDS Resort, in a rustic cabin with fan as I like not facing sea views (but 2 minutes walk you are on white beach) for 1310 pesos per night or 26 euros two night.

I’m not going to hide it: my program boiled down to beach-shopping-parties. And then, there was not much to see. Aside from an animal park at the top of the island which I can not find the name … (but we went there, see below pictures)
Otherwise I witnessed the most beautiful terracotta seen in my life at the Cocomangas Shooter bar : you have to drink after 15 shooters for 1280 pesos everything. The goal is to stand for your country! Yes to encourage competition, the results are displayed behind the bar by nationality. The France is not doing too badly. And you also win a tee shirt … (see end of article)

The only thing that bothered me more than the Boracay thirsty: some form of prostitution which I did not expect. Western View of a certain age with very young girls. This type of couple is not common but see few among these festive times, I did not feel myself comfortable …
But other than that, Boracay remains a great memory for me especially due to meetings and reunion with some French friends passage in the Philippines …


► Who advisor?
Lovers of white sand beaches and especially the revelers!

► What to do?
Scuba diving, windsurfing, shopping, beach and party

Money : 50 pesos on average a cocktail happy hour. For 1 euro, it gives you an idea cooked to come …

When to go ?From January to May (March and April, fewer people, it is the period after typhoon. It has also been a little touched in May in Boracay …)



♦ Informations ♦

How to get there ?
I flew from Puerto Princesa to Manila and Manila-Boracay. There is no airport on the island itself but to Caticlan airport.
As all domestic flights, it is weighed and our baggage must not exceed 10kg on Cebu Pacific (unless it has changed since …).
Party at 10am. Arrival in Manila at 11:15. Departure at 14:35 and finish at 15:40 in Boracay. Either 1 hour from Manila by plane.
The ticket cost me 3498.00 PHP or 68 euros.
A Caticlan Airport take a tricycle (. 5 min) to the port of Caticlan and then take the boat (minutes of scores), you will also pay you taxes 2 (not too expensive: « Environmental Fee » (75 pesos) and « Terminal Fee » (100 pesos) + ticket for the ferry.
But you can also arrive by Kalibo.





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Small bathroom 6am after a night of dancing !

boracay-plage-39 boracay-plage-40 boracay-plage-41 boracay-plage-42 boracay-plage-43 boracay-plage-44 boracay-plage-45 boracay-plage-46 boracay-plage-47 boracay-plage-48 boracay-plage-49 boracay-plage-50

Cocomangas Shooter bar