Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden

We made a stop in Puerto Princesa Palawan to exit and take a flight to Manila.
We had a little time before us, so we went to visit the « Palawan Butterfly Ecological Garden« .

The garden is small, pretty and butterflies delight the place that houses other insect species (including scorpions).
If the input is cheap (I can not remember), the visit lasts 30 minutes, taking his time well not worth not the most moving in my opinion. If it’s on your way why not. But I feel that since our visit, the garden is enriched with other animal species.
I still have the memory of a butterfly coming to rest on my hand quietly.
The magical moment ...



♦ Informations ♦

Butterfly garden on city tour

Bgy Santa Monica
Opens at 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Cell: 0917-597-5544
Puerto Princesa – Palawan

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