Red striped jersey

The striped jersey remains a classic timeless very Frenchy, inspired by the uniform of the French Navy. * It evokes icons such as Coco Chanel, Jean Paul Gaultier, Pablo Picasso and Charlotte Gainsbourg in the movie « L’Effrontée »
preferred red and white for his side more « punchy », summer and less classic. This color was more typed my eye that the blue and white pattern. I would have preferred with a boat neck but the model proposed in Cos do so with a round neck (I don’ like the round collar :/) but 100% cotton.
While this cozy room is not going to me perfectly (because horizontal stripes that accentuate), even when it brings a french touch 🙂



*The body of the shirt will count 21 white stripes, each twice as wide as 20-21 indigo blue stripes. A sailor has so authentic on the chest and back twenty large indigo blue stripes ten millimeters, spaced twenty millimeters and sleeves, blue stripes spaced fourteen of twenty millimeters. The sailors used to say that the scratches allowed to more easily identify a man fell into the sea.



look-mariniere-rouge01 look-mariniere-rouge02 look-mariniere-rouge03 look-mariniere-rouge04 look-mariniere-rouge05 look-mariniere-rouge06 look-mariniere-rouge07 look-mariniere-rouge08 look-mariniere-rouge09 look-mariniere-rouge10

Skort : Zara
Marinière : COS
Sneaker : Le Coq Sportif