Hotel : the zen « Mai Spa Resort » (Phu Quoc)

For spa and calm …

I spent 7 days very pleasant here at very relaxing thanks to its beautiful garden that instills the zen on the path of a bungalow to another.
The balcony of my room overlooked the sea, I walked down the stairs and hop on the private beach 🙂

Spa Mai is a small resort with an intimate atmosphere. More importantly, it offers massage and manicure at a spa in the very Asian and rustic decor. The walls and floors are wooden, the furniture also, the disconnection is done at the entrance of the room. A massage costs on average 10 euros, I made almost every night. At this price, 1 minute of my bungalow, I was not going to deprive myself 🙂
I loved the foot massage and the Aloe Vera which is a treatment where one envelope you aloe vera leaves for 45 minutes. I suffered from sunburn all over the body, the next day there appeared more.

Heart for the decor of my bathroom. Although I prefer them with bath, the stone decor really seduced me with his hand « rustic-chic ».
Being only the first 3 days, I met with one of the waitresses at breakfast that I was offered two afternoons in a row to show me around the island on a scooter. Kindness and generosity of the staff.
The center of Duong Dong was a 25 minute walk. Me who likes to walk and sleep in peace it was perfect.

The best: pho soups beef served at breakfast
Doo rental at the hotel
The geographic location
the spa

mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-01 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-02 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-03

View from my balcony

mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-04 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-05 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-06 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-07 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-08 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-09 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-10 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-11 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-12 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-13

mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-16 mai-spa-resort-phu-quoc-15

○ Informations ○

Mai Spa Resort
Group 18,Tran Hung Dao Street, Duong Dong Town, Duong Dong, Vietnam

Breakfast included
The Mai Spa Resort is 15 minutes drive from Phu Quoc Airport, 50 minute flight from Ho Chi Minh City and 2h10 flight from Hanoi Airport via domestic routes.

Informations Appreciation
Room [usr 8]
Cleanless [usr 10]
Location [usr 8]
Breakfast [usr 8]
Restaurant [usr 8]
Bar Pas testé
Comfort [usr 8]
Equipment (salle de gym, piscine, bar, spa, restaurant…) /
Wifi [usr 7]
Vibes [usr 8]
Quality/ Price [usr 8]
My opinion [usr 8 max= »10″ text= »false » img= »03.png » size=20]