Beach Club: bling bling the « Blue Marlin » (Ibiza)

If you hype …

The Blue Marlin is one of the « Place to be » Ibiza places where people come to show off and spend. Frequented mostly by people beautiful.
The beach club has a pretty setting by the sea, the decor is beautiful, trendy, luxury, but if you want to relax or enjoy the beach, this is not the best place. Lounge music / electro is omnipresent and the bathing area is made up of large stones. Not very pleasant, much to lie, order a bottle of champagne, and enjoy a bed with friends. (You need to consume minimum 50 euros per person). Not recommended for families with children.

If you are complexed, we have to take with you or change tracks: the number of pretty babes and twinks per m² can turn heads and make sure we do not feel out of place.

The Blue Marlin is not the type of place I adore for a day at the beach. But I can understand the fans of this beach club.
Personally, I prefer to go in the late afternoon or early evening for a drink and admire the gilded youth dancing …


♦ Informations ♦

Blue Marlin beach club
Playa de cala Jondal, Ibiza
Site web : Blue Marlin Ibiza



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