Tree Top Bungalows, Kep (Cambodia)

In the top !

I chose to spend 3 nights in a family bungalow with fan when I saw the pictures of the decor all wood, I fell hopelessly in love.
I do not know why I thought I was in a snowy hut in the wilds of northern United States in the middle of the Indians. Nothing to do with reality: this bungalow is in Asia, Cambodia, in a country where temperatures would dam the slightest snowflake.
In fact, I was looking for a tree house, but booked too late. But no regrets, arrived in Kep in my bungalow lumberjack after much discussion and great fatigue, I was in heaven …
The luscious greenery surrounding the bungalow, architecture in wood, good taste of the owner, the calm, the sea view …

When I arrived, something was making noise above my straw roof. I thought it was a snake but not. It was a monkey eating dinner. So he showed me clearly that we should not I move if I had to wait for me to retaliation. « Everything sweet friend … ».
I returned quietly to my room and waited twenty minutes before going out. I was finally alone to enjoy the calm and the sun on my balcony.
I dined at the hotel restaurant that offers a beautiful view of the sea, a zen and relaxing atmosphere. Moment that I thoroughly enjoyed.
Then back to my room and enjoyed every piece of wood furniture (even a special drawer houses the switches to conceal).
I loved. All.

I recommend this hotel for those staying in Kep


○ Informations ○


Address :

Type: bungalow

The +: the sunset on the terrace is a bungalow, the view from the restaurant, the quiet charm
bungalow price: $ 55 on average (but there are also rooms without bathroom for 7 euros)



Informations Valuations
Room [usr 9]
Cleanless [usr 9]
Location [usr 8]
Beackfast /
Restaurant [usr 8]
Bar [usr 8]
Comfort [usr 8]
Equipment (sport, swimming-pool, bar, spa, restaurant…) /
Wifi [usr 7]
Vibes [usr 9]
Quality / price ratio [usr 8]
Notice [usr 9 max= »10″ text= »false » img= »03.png » size=20]


Tree Top Bungalows



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