A day boat trip in the archipelago Bacuit – ASIA

Island hopping in El Nido

The « Island hopping » are boat tours that go from island to island. In El Nido, 4 types of tours are offered to explore the archipelago Bacuit. You can not escape the excursion offices in the city and on the beach.
I found the prices on 2015 riz-cantonais :
1200 PHP for the turn A (24 )
1300 PHP for the turn B (26 )
1400 PHP for the turn C (28 )
1200 PHP for the turn (€ 24)
Price per person in March 2015 for the day (9h-17h). It will also require you perform maintenance and environmental protection costs (the Eco-Tourism Development Fee, ETDF) up to 200 pesos per person, in application since 2008.

I think I did the Tour A (I do not remember) because it includes the Big Lagoon.
At this price, you have:
snorkelling equipment
Water, lunch

If you come to El Nido, it would be sacrilege not to make a boat. So more than a recommendation, this is a must-see!
But watch your feet when you snorkel: corals cut like razor blades
Obviously, I’m gone. In the beautiful photos below you will see my foot well banged up. And if you want to know more about this mishap, you can read
The little blonde with a black sock.

If you want to know more about El nido

♦ Informations ♦

1:30 flight to Manila with Flysear 6791 or 6791 PHP Philippine pesos = 135.286077 euros.
But apparently now it only remains that the company ITI to come by plane (to book with ITI, send an email to flights@elnidoboutiqueandartcafe.com). Otherwise ferry, bus

 Archipelago Bacuit

archipel-bacuit01 archipel-bacuit02 archipel-bacuit03 archipel-bacuit04
Big Lagoon
archipel-bacuit05 archipel-bacuit06 archipel-bacuit07 archipel-bacuit08 archipel-bacuit09 archipel-bacuit10 archipel-bacuit11 archipel-bacuit13 archipel-bacuit14 archipel-bacuit15 archipel-bacuit16 archipel-bacuit17 archipel-bacuit18 archipel-bacuit19 archipel-bacuit20 archipel-bacuit21 archipel-bacuit22 archipel-bacuit23
archipel-bacuit29 archipel-bacuit24 archipel-bacuit25
Menu : fish and chicken cooked over a wood fire, rice, vegetables and fruit
archipel-bacuit26 archipel-bacuit27 archipel-bacuit28 archipel-bacuit31 archipel-bacuit32 archipel-bacuit33 archipel-bacuit34 archipel-bacuit35 archipel-bacuit36 archipel-bacuit37 archipel-bacuit38 archipel-bacuit39
archipel-bacuit40 archipel-bacuit45 archipel-bacuit46 archipel-bacuit47 archipel-bacuit48 archipel-bacuit49 archipel-bacuit50 archipel-bacuit51 archipel-bacuit52 archipel-bacuit53 archipel-bacuit54