Apollonia, Sifnos, Cyclades, Greece – EUROPE

Sweet life in the capital full of charm Sifnos

Located on a hill, away from the sea, the main town of the island is the size of a village on a human scale: most streets are pedestrian, life is sweet and quiet, everyone smiles you salute. Not only the atmosphere is friendly but its architecture is beautiful and makes you want to walk around and get lost in its maze of white alleyways and cobbled streets to discover unexpected places or fall on one of its countless chapels that are built in this residential setting …
You can extend your walk to Artemonias, Ano Petali, Kato Petali, etc. which are villages in the extension of Apollonia.
Apollonia means city dedicated to Apollo. I have seen no statue of him yet …

In the main pedestrian street, are concentrated shops, bars, cafes, restaurants, taverns. The nightlife of Sifnos takes place mainly in Apollonia. I recommend the Bar and Café Botzi the Drakaki. traditional and local atmosphere to it, frequented mostly by Greeks.
You will be tempted by the many pastries lining the road and alleys …
The shops are open from 18h and close to no time. I could not do shopping, sentenced to window shop before the closed storefronts because I was housed in Kamares, the port. In May, the last bus from Apollonia for Kamares is … 18h. A real shortfall when counting the number of non-borne tourists waiting patiently for the arrival of the last bus to Kamares. Pity.

If you like to live to the rhythm of Greek villagers more than in a tourist environment, I recommend Apollonia of Sifnos, or the experience of living on a traditional Greek island, so being away from the beach bother you not.
An insular atmosphere that contrasts with the island of Mykonos or Saintorin …



♦ Informations Apollonia ♦

How to get there ? Flight from Paris to Athens. Getting to the port of Piraeus, by bus, subway or taxi. Getting to the Gate E9 and buy a ticket (or book online but it will remove the locally). Then take a ferry (5-6 hours) or hydro (2 hours) .. Arrival at the port of Kamares in Sifnos, take the bus (10 min) or rent a scooter. Can take his car on the ferry.

All public services are concentrated in Apollonia (Police, Town Hall, Post Office, Banks, travel agencies, pharmacies, supermarkets, gas stations …)

You can easily stay in Apollonia

In terms of shopping, Apollonia is the place to stock up on souvenirs (gifts, traditional pottery, jewelry) and satisfy its purchase of clothes desires!

To visit : the « folklore and folk art » Museum on the « Heroes’ Square » (an exhibition of objects evoking the traditional life of the island)

To know : all bus leave Apollonia to visit the island beaches and other villages. It is the nerve center of the island.

To do: wander the streets in the morning or late night …



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