Bar : « Botzi » or the charm « Cycladic » (Sifnos)

A charming bar where it is good to make a break…

The Botzi bar is an institution.
Launched in 1993, located in the most lively pedestrian street of the capital Apollonia, it is a must place to Sifnos to toast a drink with friends in a friendly atmosphere, cozy, warm all in a house in the Cycladic architecture. Fallen petals of the purple flowers of bougainvillea strewn on the floor of the terrace gives a romantic charm to perfection, contrasting with the white walls. Just relaxing and beautiful to see …
I loved his little court and inside « at home » with children’s books, art books, Deco antiques, small colored stools, painted pebbles. The bar invites us to discover a cozy universe, childish and welcoming.
In the courtyard on some tables, texts are written in French painting:

En face de toi, deux hommes t’admirent bouche bée.
Tu es vraiment belle.
Je prends mon café, caché, un peu à l’écart.
Et moi aussi tu m’éblouis
Seulement tu ne regardes
que les deux autres

We feel we are in a more « trendy » place: the small glass of red wine is 4 euros. While in the bars and restaurants on the island, the price runs between 2.50 and 3 euros.

In the evening, it seems, the bar is crowded after midnight, people wiggle out of the funk and jazz music.

At 17h in May, it was 3 in the bar. I almost fell asleep in the heat. One of the waiters brought me two pillows for me to be better installed …
A small happiness.
« Just like home » I told you …





♦ Informations ♦

BAR BOTZI- Cafe – Coffee Bar & Bar – Sifnos (or Apolonia)
840 03 Sifnos (or Apolonia) Cyclades Greece

Closing 3h30.









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