Charming Nabeul (Tunisia)

Dive into its medina …

Nabeul is a seaside town in northeastern Tunisia, south of the peninsula of Cape Bon, about sixty kilometers southeast of Tunis.
It is the second tourist hub of the region after Hammamet. Its kilometers of sandy beach and its medina make a peaceful destination, human scale and appreciated by tourists. In fact, I recommend a stroll in the late afternoon in the medina of Nabeul, more authentic and preserved as that of Hammamet. walk one wanders through its multiple white streets, it runs its souk full of bright colors, the stalls are spread on the sidewalk while admiring the doors studded wooden houses.
High place of a famous craft, capital of Tunisian handicrafts, you can also get beautiful pottery, ceramics but also decorative items made of leather, metal and wrought iron.
We take advantage of the sea view and we end up taking a mint tea or smoke a shisha cafe in Sidi Bouhdid. A quiet place, outside, cozy overlooking the sea where it is obliged to remove their shoes.
as you pass the mosque and found a fairly high point for admiring the impressive minaret.
If you Nabeul is too quiet and authentic city, the nightlife of the very tourist resort of Hammamet will satisfy you can be more than 12 km away …




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How to get there ?
Take a flight from Paris to Tunis.
Then either take a bus (1:30), a direct train (1H5) or by car (54 minutes)


nabeul-00 Minaret de Nabeul, Tunisie  nabeul-02 Minaret de Nabeul, Tunisie






Médina de Nabeul, Tunisie

nabeul-23 Médina de Nabeul, Tunisie nabeul-25 nabeul-26 Porte en bois, Nabeul nabeul-28 nabeul-29 nabeul-30 Médina de Nabeul nabeul-32

nabeul-37 nabeul-33


Nabeul, ville balnéaire, Tunisie

Nabeul, Tunisie  Café Sidi Bouhdid, Nabeul

Coffe Sidi Bouhdid

Café Sidi Bouhdid

nabeul-41  tunisie