The village and port of Kamares (Sifnos)

A convenient spot to stay in Sifnos

It’s not just the beach and the port where Ferries disembark in the Bay of Kamares there is also a small village at the foot of mountains with shops, crafts (pottery workshops), bars and restaurants and animating the harbor its surroundings. Kamares Port is particularly lively during ship arrivals. Otherwise, the atmosphere is quiet and family, much more than the capital Apollonia.

We very quickly around (1h stopping at the shops) but Kamares has the advantage of having an inviting sandy beach at his feet whereas at more charming Apollonia, we must move motorized vehicle to reach the first track.
The place is interesting to stay in Sifnos because all amenities are close at hand (distributor, agency shipping lines, grocery stores, shops, taverns, restaurants, cafes, pastry and scooter rentals, recreational land …) without forget an attractive beach.
And above all, convenient for departures to other islands or the mainland, the port is 10 minutes from hotels and rooms for rent that are arranged in an amphitheater above the landing.
For a two-person room 45 euros in an apartment without kitchen, stayed at Froudi. The place is a bit placed in height, climb but has the advantage of having a beautiful view of the harbor.
For a hotel with more charm, Delfini seduce all romantic souls. (About 100 euros a night)

To do : the church of Agia Marina in Pera Panda to see the sunset


 ♦ Kamares village ♦


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