A magical night in Olinda

The surprises of travel …

After a short night 3h, standing 5h Jericoacoara to take the plane to Fortaleza to Recife after 11 h of bus, taxi and flight, although cramée we arrive around 19:00 in Olinda, a colonial city on the edge of the water.
Traveling, days fully devoted to transportation is not easy …

Just arrived at the hostel, my friend addresses other foreign travelers (English, Japanese, Brazilian, American, German …). Some are members of a batucada, a group of musicians, and will play during the Carnival of Olinda. They offer us to dine with them near the beach. Initially, this idea hardly enchants me. I wanted to ask me quiet since we had just arrived and we only stayed one night to catch a flight the next evening. A very fast stage of our Brazilian journey.
So I followed willy-nilly, thinking we were going to go to bed after eating.
At the end of dinner, our new friends we seek to follow in the evening. I was ready to knock all my apologies to withdraw my traveling companion ahead of me, « Okay! ».
Indestructible daughter.
Not wanting to leave her alone, so I followed. Like it or not …

The evening takes place in an alley. Some artists play with their drums, surrounded by a dozen people. Neighbors and friends applaud. It seems to be an impromptu evening, a small block party or a rehearsal for Carnival. They even provided a refreshment bar in the window of the ground floor apartment for sale caipirinhas at a ridiculous price. I was far from expecting that …
The friendly atmosphere and the little unusual celebration in the street between neighboring excited me by its singularity. As time passes and the atmosphere is responsible for beautiful waves embracing all passersby who stop and join the show. Gradually, young, old, adult, old, elderly, Brazilian and foreign mix and start to dance all together. They form a conga and reproduce together the same gestures without speaking, but without knowing all smiling. Won by the devilishly infectious ambient energy, I finally abandon my sidewalk as a spectator to wiggle me with the group. The onlookers passing by chance in the street, dumbfounded, mingle at the party and are applauded. A benevolent aura circulates and reaches the most timid hearts. This impromptu party has created a nice moment of fraternity, full of love and generosity between people of various nationalities.



I had never participated in this kind of crowd, this collusion between foreign happy to be here by chance and share a friendly moment under the sign of music.
A moving and strong memory between strangers one night and all nationalities together with Brazilian percussion sounds in an unlikely street.
Without question, the best night of my stay in Brazil …

○ Olinda in pictures ○


Paved road, houses in pastel colors, many churches here … Olinda! Charming colonial town.
But in my opinion not the quaintness of Paraty …


Olinda Brésil, Ville coloniale


Olinda Brésil, Ville coloniale

olinda-bresil-08 olinda-bresil-12

olinda-bresil-01 olinda-bresil-14

olinda-bresil-11 L’église du Carmo, Olinda Brésil

The church of Carmo in the historic center de’Olinda

L’église du Carmo, Olinda Brésil


On the beach, we did not go. And according to the statements, it is dirty because of the concentration of waste nearby. It is best not to linger there …

olinda-bresil-20 olinda-bresil-21 olinda-bresil-22 olinda-bresil-23 olinda-bresil-24 olinda-bresil-25 olinda-bresil-26  Cathédrale de Sé, Olinda

Sé Cathedral

olinda-bresil-28 olinda-bresil-29 olinda-bresil-30 olinda-bresil-31