Morro de São Paulo Island of Tinharé, Brazil – AMERICA

The paradise of Bahia

Morro de São Paulo is a village north of the island of Tinharé.
tropical, relaxed, colorful, festive, Morro is popular with Brazilians and foreign tourists for its beaches. 2 hours from Salvador de Bahia by ferry, this destination is healthy after staying a few days in the beautiful but oppressive colonial city Salvador de Bahia.

Arriving on the pontoon jetty, taxis are « wheelbarrows » where « drivers » are deposited your luggage and accompany you to your hotel or pousada. No car through the village and for good reason: the roads do not exist. At the beach, you will see the local moving horse.

There have to climb to reach the village where flower shops and restaurants, pousadas and hotels that are in harmony with the island. I really enjoyed the beaches (without stress, you can leave your business on the beach and swim unlike Rio) is full of fruit and acai (super antioxidant), listen to the percussion cross batucadas the village (I was in full carnival time) and partied the night your feet in the sand (Segunda Praia). No visit to the area, it was particularly refreshed, after 12 days of grueling mop in big cities, it was beneficial.
Despite the many tourists that populate the island, Morro remains an unspoilt place, life is sweet and enjoyable. Probably because cars are banned … it changes life 🙂


♦ Informations ♦


 ► Who advisor?
Friends, families, couples ...

► What to do ?
Beach, shopping, party, relaxation, horse riding, water sports (diving, snorkeling), tour of the island by boat

►What to see ?
- The four main beaches each with their identity. "Segunda Praia" for nightlife, bars and clubs.
Terceira Praia for cheap pousadas
I recommend going to "Quarteira Praia", the 4th most barren beach, quiet to disconnect
(Sand, turquoise waters, colorful fish)
- Excursion to the south on the wild island of Boipeda
Sunsets to Instagramers : Quarteira Praia, the top of the lighthouse overlooking the sea
► Money : Restaurants are relatively good markets

► Food : acai and fruit on the beach. Drink caipirinha :)
► When to go ? almost all year

► Safety : nothing

How to get to Morro de São Paulo?

From Paris, take a flight to Salvador de Bahia
Take a taxi or bus from the airport (about 30 minutes) to go to El Salvador to Port of Bahia. Take the ferry, duration approximately 2 hours, 19 €

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Morro de Sao Paulo
Primeira praia
Morro de Sao Paulo
Primeira praia, piscines naturelles


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