Cala Feola, Ponza, Italy – EUROPE

A small sandy beach on the island of Ponza …

10 km from the port of Ponza, 25 minutes walk from the village Le Forna, 5 minutes by boat from piscine naturali,  Cala Feola has made a « hole » in the cliffs. It is a small sandy beach but the only nearby.
By road, you have about 15 minutes walk on the more or less marked downward slope: some form of stairs, in another form of dirt road. The flip flops are not too your friends on this island since most access to the beach and coves are by dirt roads sometimes rocky. Your feet will thank you if you have sturdy shoes. Otherwise, it’s almost assured sprain.
Unless you traveled by boat …

Port Cala Feola
Port Cala Feola


Like Cala Fonte, the water is crystal clear and has a color palette of varying shades of blue shimmering visitors …


It is a peaceful place in late September but in high season, it seems that Cala Feola is crowded. It makes more sense to locate an uncrowded cove by boat …

Hot Spot area : Restaurant Marina


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It is visible from far away, to the left of the photo back







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