Varadero, Cuba – AMERICA

Varadero … 20 km of white sand, emerald and turquoise sea, beautiful sunsets … and yet we are bored

The only interest to me is to go to rest, but really, after traveling Cuba more authentic and interesting.
This is a gated seaside enclave where mouvent as tourists (about 10,000, mostly North American), situated on the Hicacos peninsula, the northern coast of Cuba.

Varadero is lined with large hotel complexes “all inclusive” which are linked to one after the other. All I abhor. Fortunately the beach is wide and beautiful. (but often those of the hotels themselves)
For me the rest was short-lived: on holiday alone, I asked myself on the beach to be quiet and although I pretended to sleep I always be a Cuban security agent to ask me: “What was my name? , how I was? what was I doing? etc. “, a retired Russian general to tease me, or old Polish wholesale …
Sometimes it is better from two to be “alone” … (note the paradox …)

I was staying at Arenas Doradas. Not my usual type of establishment but I was left with a formula Promovacances last minute. (Because I had to go to Mexico, but swine flu had raged and I was obliged to change the destination). Fortunately, it was equipped with some bungalows. On arrival you are given a bracelet with the colors of the hotel to access the buffet well supplied incidentally. Very nice also the bar which is in the middle of the swimming-pool and access to the beach is 5 minutes walk.
After 2 days, even if I was in bad shape when I arrived in Varadero, I had only one desire: escape this complex and wander to the other side of the island so I was choking. What I did later after meeting a Canadian … (more soon).

There were also flights, there was nothing left to dry on the terrace of his bungalow. Some were allowed to dry towels, a pair of Nike and, for me a white pants, all flew like magic …


♦ Informations ♦

I arrived by bus from Havana, it was included in my “travel package”. 3h ride environ. Au toll motorway: it takes 2 CUC for entering 2 CUC and again to exit.
(See information about Havana here)
Otherwise the nearest airport is : Juan Gualberto Gómez Airport
For who ? : Family, friends, couples, rest or party destination (clubs and hotels evenings)
Transportation : Free shuttles to go downtown Varadero
More informations : Arenas Doradas


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