Gelateria Blumarine (Ponza)

Excellent !

Visit Italy without an ice cream, it’s like coming to France snub the baguette.
Even on a small island like Ponza, there is ice. And good. Even excellent.

At the Gelateria Blumarine, located on the main street of the island, you can not miss it: a showcase without fuss, good child, she remains visible.
I would remember this glacier as one of the best: their ice creams are in my top 2 of the best of the Ice!
Yet I have taken a good deal but that was not enough, I was spellbound. I remember choosing « yoghurt » one of my favorite scents, on the other two, I have a doubt. « Sgranocchione » would be one of the most popular perfumes if we go to an Italian palace. To test…

They also have everything to please bobos: home-made gluten-free and at a very reasonable price: 3,50 € 2 balls. When one is accustomed to Parisian prices, one wonders if there is no error.
You enjoy facing the port, this is what I call the full complete happiness!
Either way you will not go far with …

PS: They also make pancakes …



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Corso Carlo Pisacane

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