Bar: the stylish « Dolci Cafe ‘ ! (Sifnos)

Chiller peacefully in a beautiful trendy setting …

Dolci Cafe is landmark at the entrance of the village of Kastro with its sheer white. The urge to take a drink, to rest before you visit the village is so tempting this trendy bar is attractive and beautiful.
And inside, it’s even better … it’s even cozy (chairs, cushions, benches …)
View over the mountain (I do not know why, but all the bars and restaurants are facing the mountain and not by the sea to Kastro … about culture?), A refreshing breath of air soothes us, sitting on the shaded terrace, lulled by lounge music hotel Costes.
Wide selection of cocktails, I could even order a sangria (my weakness …) to 6 euros. The prices are affordable for the place.
You can also eat.
A must not miss if you go to Sifnos.
Relaxation guaranteed.



♦ Informations ♦

Dolci Cafe
Kastro, 84003, Grèce


Dolci cafe, Kastro, Sifnos Grèce dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos02 dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos03 Dolci cafe, Kastro, Sifnos Grèce

dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos14 dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos15 dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos06 dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos07 Sangria au Dolci cafe, Kastro, Sifnos Grèce dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos09 dolci-bar-kastro-sifnos11