Xel-Ha, Tulum, Mexico – AMERICA

Natural aquarium

On the advice of my guide « Cancun and the Mayan Riviera » published by Ulysses editions, I went to the eco-tourist park Xel-Ha, the largest and most beautiful natural aquarium of the world. There are a lot of parks in Tulum where you can play Indiana Jones (Plor X, X caret …). But Xel-Ha has the particularity of being a natural lagoon and a must of the must. I expected to discover an authentic park of incredible beauty. In fact, I believed at Disneyland. Shock. Tourist buses, tons of entertainment, shops, photographers, human infrastructure do you want in here, in line to retrieve the snorkeling equipment and infested lagoon swimmers more like a Parisian municipal pool whose color of the water was murkier than crystalline. Yes because tourists are expected to trade their sunscreen cream against bio but almost nobody does. I caft with the staff who answered that « This is according to the ecological conscience of each. » Really. It was written binding in the guide. The entrance fee is 1,175 pesos or 65 euros entry. And additional options which accumulated you can reach an entrance to 200 euros anyway. I opted for the « swim with dolphins » for 60 euros extra. But finding myself in a group with a number, in collective training video equipped with a vest, then be penned in a species of « swimming » as a finishing touch with « prohibition to be photographed closely » (yes because their photographers are there), I was disillusioned and angry with myself rolls when buying the ticket which had assured me that my companion could approach and take my pictures. It was far from my childhood dream. So small scandal and reimbursement to the key. For here « We want the customer to be happy and keep smiling all day. » Either.
Disneyland thank you.
So a Xel-Ha disappointment although in retrospect, I admit that the site is beautiful but somewhat marred by many human activities and entertainment.
However, for a family outing, it’s great. There is plenty to do for children and above all: it’s open bar and open food. Adults can stuff the piña colada while children will use up to the Italian ice indigestion and other pastries (which I did). You can also come to eat all day thanks to the titanic buffet.
Finally, it was not bad but nothing to do with the written description in the guide …
Of course, I posted my most « authentic » pictures avoiding the flood of tourists …
Here it gives you an idea worthy of my description: Xel-Há



 ♦ Xel-Há ♦


« Cause toujours tu m’intéresses… »













 Mon objectif photo est tombé dans cette mare, là tout seul…