Look totally retro with Sessùn …

Made in Marseille

« A human constant provisions is to wish to be anywhere but where it is. » Jacques Réda

♫ Chaussée aux moines
Sorry for the french advertising jingle rotten not prevented me. It happens to the office.
At the office…
Yes the office.
I went elsewhere. This explaining that.
So the office. In full school holidays. Early August.
You think I want to be where there now?
Feet in the water in a transparent azure sea in Monaco with a small Grace Kelly look that goes well?

 Bingo !

♦ Outfit ♦

Spring-Summer 2015 Collection

Long sleeve shirt Gertrudis Ecru Fleur de sel : Sessùn
Short Tancrede with blue vertical patterns, and unbleached brown : Sessùn
Web site : Sessùn



 It is in private waters of the Meridien Beach Plaza in Monaco that these photos were take




sessun-06 sessun-07 sessun-10