36 Ways to Wear a sarong

Lesson style: how to wear stylish or cool way

We always tend to tie it in the same way (me in the picture for example), while there are ways to turn XX at will according to his silhouette, his desires, location, etc., and wear the same outside the range by creating a real garment. (Suit, skirt, cardigan, cape, dress, jacket …)
It is both the best friend of women complexed as pretty women.
When you see all these looks, you’ll want to play the designers with a simple piece of cloth :).
In short, the sarong an essential accessory …
I present the various tutorials that I found interesting to show off on the beach …

4 ways

Impressed by the jumpsuit and I also love the skirt

A voir sur : http://www.france2.fr/emissions/comment-ca-va-bien/rubriques/4-manieres-de-nouer-son-pareo_233877



6 ways

I especially like the last three: the jewel bracelet, the cardigan and dress glamor

9 ways

For tee-shirts

12 ways

For simplicity …

5 ways