Long Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam – ASIA

The long sandy beach

Long Beach stretches almost 20 km along the southwest coast of the island of Phu Quoc. If the many tourist resorts on the island are concentrated on this beach (hotels, resorts, inns, cafes, bars and restaurants) especially when approaching towards the main town Duong Duong, moving away further south the beach is almost deserted. So there is always a way to find an isolated and quiet corner.

yellow sand, clear and warm sea, the beach is lined with coconut trees. Only one problem: the number of jellyfish that makes the carefree swimming difficult.
During the months of the dry season (November to April) water is a glassy sea as protected from East wind that blows during this time. It thickens after, the west wind from June to November makes the rough sea even if the weather is nice. In May, I had a bad time of episode that gave great photos between clear blue sea and sky diving close to rumble. The landscape was a romantic beauty …

The market of itinerant fruit roam the shore with their yoke and give an exotic touch: with their conical hat palm leaf, one has the impression of seeing a postcard is busy before your eyes. The price of the salad is so laughable that not hesitate to buy them and at the same time relieve their heavy baskets (I wanted to test, wear the yoke, I have not held a 6 seconds … sacred burden).

In the evening, there is stunning sunsets.

If you dream of white sand beaches and turquoise water, go to Sao Beach

To do : get up early to run from 5am to see the sun rise over a long and almost deserted beach.


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