Novel : »Horde of Contrevent » Alain Damasio

Big blow and blown away by the imagination of the author …

Beautiful, a masterpiece even if we cling to the first 100 pages.

Presentation Editor

An elite group, trained from childhood to face, from the confines of a fierce land, bursts of bleeding, to seek the origin of the wind. They are twenty to three, a block, a courage node: the Horde. They are pillar winger, plotter, and aéromaître géomaître, feuleuse and diviner, troubadour and scribe. They cross their world standing, walking, looking for a Far Upstream leaking before them like crazy horizon. Unique reading experience Contrevent The Horde is a bookend of a universe that same fire of adventure and poetry of course, the nude fight and the quest for a deeper meaning of living that would unite the movement and link . Every word sounds, slap, fuse: Alain Damasio plays his pen as a brush, a camera or a weapon Masterpiece worn by a rare word-of-mouth, the novel logically been awarded the Grand Prix de l’Imaginaire…

Horde of Contrevent is an initiatory novel in search of meaning. Reading it is deserved because the introduction is difficult and plunges the reader into an unknown universe, the hermetic language with the presentation of many characters. Then time to grasp the logic, the internal structure of the novel, the elements fall into place, the psychology of the characters, we let the Horde gradually embark in his dangerous adventures. Then vibrates, one is afraid, one enjoys with them

This novel has a unique writing style, a surprisingly rich vocabulary for this genre. If Inuit have a hundred words to define the snow, Damasio has almost as much to interpret and describe the wind language. More than a novel is an exercise in style, a virtuoso work, a literary challenge at several levels (cf. the game of verbal jousting).
The author is a poet as a certified scientist. And French. COCORICO!
But apparently my euphoria is not shared by all: a great player friend was not seduced. So maybe this masterpiece is for fans of adventure and book universe just I do not know

I do not know if this novel has been translated into English