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[dropcap]I[/dropcap]sland Touch is a hybrid blog, the happy marriage between two themes: travel and lifestyle. But not just any type of travel, destinations only on the islands and most beautiful beaches.
What I call the « Blue lifestyle« .

« Blue lifestyle » is a new term to describe everything about the lifestyle on the sea and oceans.

You can find any kind of information concerning the islands I visited, good addresses, what to see & what to do.
The principle itself of a travel blog but with the « Touch » and more.
The « fashion« , « beauty« , « deco« , etc. in a style rather « chic soft » or « nature ».

Why I Started This Blog ?

Traveler at heart, I never envisaged a circuit program in a country without a few days on an island.
1 / It is only then that I release myself really, so log out and feel on vacation. He rules a different atmosphere, more relaxing and fun. Aje-ne-sais-quoi that cut me to live my bearings and my original environment. The effect « piece of land » surrounded by a body of water
Besides, I often extended for 1 or 2 days staying on an island and sacrificing visiting a capital city or in other countries. #attractiveisland

2 / To me, the most beautiful beaches are located on the islands. But during my travels, I have been surprised by the beauty of some seashores on the continent. So it naturally seemed appropriate to include all the beauty of the seaside or natural scenery near the sea. While the priority remains the islands.
Attracted by them since childhood, do not they say that the land and original paradise could only be on an island? Hence the term island paradise?
The Christian Middle Ages liked to believe that the Garden of Eden could not disappear from our world and that this ideal could only be an island. Me too …

For the story, the idea of Island Touch is simply born on an island. One evening in March 2015, on a terrace with a glass of red wine in hand …


I feel really useful for once because in the travel guides, the islands are relatively poorly documented, it does not find too much information because they are often associated with idleness. This is the case of the island of Kho Rong in Cambodia must have 5 lines in the Guide du Routard and not more in Lonely Planet. This sometimes stems frustration.


Ready to be seduced? A play Robinson? To dream and escape?



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